Wake Up Call

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Dillon is a young man who had high hopes and a clear plan for life after high school until a twist of fate made him question everything.

He now faces an all too familiar question… Now what? His uncertainty about the future leads him into a series of college “courses” that drastically change the way he views daily decisions.

The direction of Dillon’s life will be greatly altered as he’s taken on an emotional ride teaching him five essential lessons that will change his life, and yours, forever.

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Book Reviews

This book opened up a whole other perspective for me. It taught me things that I never would have payed attention to. I now have a new outlook on life and have nobody else to thank but Kyle Willkom. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to gain something new in their lives or even someone looking for a good book to just pick up and read. I hope that he writes more because I would definitely like to see more things published by Kyle”

 – Branden Moffat, Junior, Norman North High School/ Moore Norman Technology Center

So impressed with Kyle Willkom’s first book. It’s a short read that makes you laugh, it makes you cry and there’s an awesome twist in the end that leaves you content and wanting more! The lessons are simple,and yet profound. Appropriate for young and old alike. You’re going to love it and want to share it with all the young people in your life!”

– Amazon Review

Wake Up Call is a great book for young adults and adults alike. It makes you take a look at the world with a different view and how to improve your life from different experiences that may happen. It is easy to read and the plot will make you engaged until the end. Great lessons can be taken from it for anyone who reads it!”

– Amazon Review

I recently bought this book based on a recommendation from a friend. I purchased it as a gift for a young man I mentor who just entered high school. To be sure it was the right choice, I read it over the weekend before I wrapped it. I was surprised to find that the message and intimate storyline had a powerful impact on me. I was moved and inspired to look at my life and relationships in a fresh way. I can’t wait to see what my mentee thinks of this, and strongly recommend this for parents, mentors, and teachers to share with those they support!”

– Amazon Review

 Wake Up Call will sure change your perspective. I can’t say enough good things about this book and how it can help youth today transition through a very difficult time of their life. I read it on an early morning plane ride and could not stop reading until I finished it. It provides 5 great lessons that every person needs to learn, but especially young people going through the transition from high school to college. It breaks it down in terms I believe young people will easily relate with. On top of that, you learn these lessons while being told a great story that keeps you on the edge of your seat trying to determine what will happen next and then you get a surprise ending. It’s awesome! I will for sure use this book when working with my volunteer program, where I mentor male students who are entering their senior year of high school, and when working with young college aged men. Great work Kyle!”

– Amazon Review

This book was so inspiring! “Wake Up Call” was phenomenal and I couldn’t put it down. The advice and life lessons are not only great for young people, but anyone that reads the book. Kyle is an incredible person and his energy and passion are evident as you read the book. Kyle and his book inspire you to take action, lead by example, and be the difference in the world. I will most definitely be sharing “Wake Up Call” with others and have already purchased multiple copies as graduation gifts for the young athletes that I work with. I know they will enjoy the book as much as I did and utilize the life lessons!”

– Amazon Review

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