The Thinking Dilemma

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The world has a huge problem.

No one thinks anymore.

We are too distracted by the world around us to stop, reflect, analyze, and change our surroundings. We have phones, tablets, video games, social media, TV shows, movies, and a thousand other things that keep us distracted enough throughout the day to move us forward, but never allow us time to think about what matters.

The Thinking Dilemma is the story of a high school student named Dan. Through a series of thoughtful realizations, Dan takes steps we can all learn from to build a better life.

If we don’t solve this problem, we’re in big trouble.

This is: The Thinking Dilemma.

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Book Reviews

“Great book and I have recommended this book to everyone I work with. I work as a Nursing home administrator and I have witnessed first hand the thinking dilemma that our society has. Great Book Kyle and I hope you write many more. This book made me really think about how I approach my day and situations and where I am lacking in my own thinking processes.

 – Amazon Review

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